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Why us?

Derek has over 30 years of pharmacy experience working at senior corporate level management and specialist clinical services.

He specialises in maximising benefit from labour management planning and has experience of introducing new service contracts with private and NHS sectors. 

Recently Derek has been involved in developing the management of EPS . Focussing on the labour management control of EPS in pharmacies. Additionally he has been representing clients on contract application and defence matters.

At Evans Pharmacy Consultancy we are focused on providing quality pharmacy support services for your business with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

  •  Labour Management Planning is a key part of pharmacy investment for the future. We have experience of designing and introducing an effective staffing programme which will meet all your NHS contractural levels and be productive for your business.
  • EPS technology in pharmacies is here to stay. We have detailed experience of it and the interface with Labour management planning and business application. To make the most of this new technology let us advise you and design a productivity package to take advantage of the modern way of receiving prescriptions.
  • Services revenue is where you can make a large improvement in your business performance. Our experience has produced new services in both private and NHS sectors for clients. We have been able to successfully commission tenders offered by the NHS . 

To support these new services we can offer enhanced training packages and support services for vaccinations, patient counselling and contract application and defence etc